Empowering people to change the conversation, one story at a time. KnowHOW is a socially conscious media project focused on bridging the gap between awareness and action. At KnowHOW, our mission is to deliver stories about nonprofits and social enterprises that inspire, educate and drive action.

Core Values


KnowHOW aims to
bring together
people, stories,
ideas and solutions.


“The Know.” Knowledge is powerful,
and we hope to help
our readers stay informed
about local, national and global
social problems through stories
of nonprofits and social enterprises.


“The How.”
We want to provide our
readers with resources that
will help them take effective
action about causes they care about.






Our Story

Toronto-based journalist Amira Zubairi launched KnowHOW in April 2016 with a simple, yet powerful mission: to tell stories that matter, and help KnowHOW’s readers be a part of the solutions to many on-going problems in the world. Through KnowHOW, we aim to inspire people to change the conversation, by focusing on real issues and real solutions. Why? We found that people often experience an “information overload” from various media sources, and while they may care about a particular cause, they are unaware of how to take action towards it. In addition, people are not exposed to the vast ray of stories that matter beyond everyday news and the media’s sensational coverage of it. As we present unique and powerful stories, we want to encourage our readers to use the information we share to take action that will positively impact our communities and our world.