No, everyone is NOT a leader

(This could turn into a bit of a rant) There are lots of things that frustrate me about leadership development these days: recycled formulaic approaches, lack of contextual subtlety, dominance of old white men, models that reduce the complexity of ...
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Why self-care should be a priority for social entrepreneurs

No one ever said being an entrepreneur would be easy. Among other things, entrepreneurship requires a thick skin, an ability to face rejection, long hours of planning and lots of networking. All of this can take a toll on one’s ...
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Infuse Café Brews Up a Revolution in Toronto

Situated amongst the steady stream of life on Yonge Street in downtown Toronto, Infuse Café is an unassuming hang out, but what people may not know is that inside, they’re brewing a tea revolution. “If I can convince someone on ...
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